Now that, I think, Dayre is officially gone. I am missing posts from Dayreans I used to read. Where are you??


thankful for everything between “hello” and “goodbye”

So I was in the kitchen all day on Friday preparing for the two full month box orders on Saturday.

Out of the blue, I started receiving notifications of new followers on IG. And they are all Dayreans. I wondered what's going on eh.

When I finally went into my Dayre app in the night, I was greeted with news of its soon-to-be demise.

Hmmmm. End Feb? Then I won't be able to follow all the preggers who are due to pop after Feb! That thought alone is saddening enough.

I didn't mean to leave Dayre before the 28th but I was introduced to Steller by @wokandkadhai and I began posting there yesterday using the same handle.

No app is perfect. There are good and bad in every app.

I have to say the interface of Steller motivates me to process my long overdue travel photos!

It's too time-consuming to be updating both platforms though I will still be reading Dayre till the end of its time.

Adios amigos.

We have ten cartons of these to deliver this morning.

I prayed we will get a Vezel so it can all fit.

And we did. So lucky!!

Just as I thought we are very lucky, the driver got into a bit of a nasty exchange with a lorry driver who filtered in abruptly and scratched his side mirror.

Oh my.

I have had quite an afternoon planned for myself after the deliveries before returning home to continue spring cleaning.

I needed to decompress after a very hectic week during which I have filled most of the Lunar New Year orders. And the first of a rather full-month-box-filled month.

But my husband foiled my plan! Sigh!

Had a takeout coffee nearby.

Went a few doors down to the German supermarket for the first time and was given a packet of Austrian mango juice for free.

What a pleasant surprise!

Surprisingly quiet for weekend brunch hours. What a pity!

And look what I got with my flat white!

The prettiest red packets that have landed in my hands this year. Everything else I have received are meh.

A spontaneous albeit short date on a sunny day. Not a bad alternative to my supposed me-time.

More cleaning. But all I want is a nap.

Sous-viding many eggs for full month boxes.

Also, my Anova is off-kilter.

Hence the 80°C setting.

Gonna have to write in!

Did anyone else check the temperature of their Anova with a kitchen thermometer?

No wonder my salmon always turn out so nice!

Woot! I got lucky with this batch. Only 1 egg cracked! Out of 39!